When the Nazis occupied Holland, some brave people resisted, which led to liberation of the Netherlands. But there was also a group of traitors who were serving the Nazis against the welfare of their own nation under the name of the NSB[1] party.

My personal case is proof that the spirit and the power of the Nazis and the NSB members is still active and that criminal paedophiles enjoy control in the Netherlands. While very unfortunate, this fact needs to be recognised in order to be dealt with. The Ministry of Justice is the base of this. They are acting in the service of their own interests and they do not care about their country or its people, nor do they do anything good to help themselves either. They are mentally ill and that is why they are raping children and destroying others’ lives to satisfy their sick minds.

Joris Demmink and his criminal paedophile gangs are the heart of these organizations. The police, intelligence services, prosecutors, judges and parliament members are all well aware of these sick-minded people and they are well aware of what they are doing to the Netherlands. These criminals are spending Holland’s upright citizens tax money for everything they are doing. Furthermore, they are using the Kingdom of the Netherlands’ state power to cover up their criminal state activities.

They are also serving the fascist State of Turkey to cover up their criminal paedophile, Joris Demmink, and his paedophile law suits in Turkey. In 1995, some of them were arrested in Turkey when abusing and raping underage kids. They reached an agreement with the state of Turkey to cover up their case in return for locating and extraditing me to Turkey. They could not succeed owing to some decent judges in this country.  But then they started to create another fake case based on fabricated evidence in order to hold me hostage in the so-called house of justice in the Netherlands. As I have said, everyone in this country is aware of it, and especially the Prime Minister, Mark Rutte.

My question to him: Do you have the guts to deny these facts?

We know that you do not dare do anything against this as Joris Demmink and his chief gangs are members of your parties. You know this Mr. Rutte, Mr. Prime Minister. What do you have in common between you and Erdogan of Turkey – the protector of the fundamentalist Islamic terrorist organization, ISIS, and others like them. He is also a killer of Kurdish babies and elderly people as well as destroying Kurdistan’s environment. He is the Islamist Hitler of today. For Kurds, that is what he is. Furthermore, he is a cowardly criminal like you. You and your political party and your government are my kidnappers, holding me hostage for the satisfaction of Turkey and of Erdogan.

You are the protector of criminal paedophiles in the Netherlands and you are like Erdogan yourself. This makes you no different to the NSB members who served the Nazis against the Dutch people, and now you are supporting Erdogan to stop Kurdish people from fighting for their nation’s liberation just like those that resisted in Holland against the Nazis.

You are helping today’s Nazi Hitler, Erdogan, and his Islamic organization. Whether you like it or not, this is a fact. This is what you both have in common. Do you have any objections against my claims, Mr. Prime Minister? If so, I invite you and your co-defendant terrorist Erdogan to take part in one of the most respectable TV programmes in Holland. I will put all the facts to both your faces and you can then explain yourself to the good people of this country. Of course, you probably don’t have the courage to do this, but I let you and your criminal friend Erdogan know that you cannot silence Kurdish people, nor can you silence me as a Kurdish person. You are all going to lose, I promise you.

You and Erdogan are both cowards and that is why you are going to maintain a cowardly silence in the face of my claims. You cannot both cover up the truth. Of course, you will continuously use your criminal prosecutors, your criminal judges, criminal prison directors and corrupt members of the media to try to silence me, but you are not going to succeed.

Now you have started to exploit your virus as well to somehow silence me. This is not going to work, pals, it is not going to work – whether you like it or not. I, with my Kurdish mind, will resist and will organise well against dirty people like you and Erdogan and will lead the Kurdish people to liberation, just like the Dutch people did against the Nazis. The Kurdish nation is of a level such that you and Erdogan cannot even see their state of play, their power, and their determination. Even if you would see it, it does not matter. I am human and a member of the great Kurdish nation. That is why you and your terrorist friend, Erdogan, and your criminal clique are all going to lose.

The brutality of the Dutch justice system towards me and my family is not any different from what the Nazis did to the Jews during WW2. The only difference in the Netherlands of today is that paedophile and corrupt criminals are in charge of the institutions involved in my case. Criminals are committing crimes on behalf of the Kingdom of the Netherlands but those others who know of the brutality and the crimes committed against me and do nothing against it but instead keep silent are just as guilty as those who commit the crimes.

This is something I would like to share openly with people because in the current year a variety of wily and dirty attacks have been made on me and this statement is my response to these.

[1] National Socialist Movement (Nazi) in Holland, the NSB Party.

June 1, 2020, Huseyin Baybasin