This is the original document from the Ministry of Justice of Holland that proofs Joris Demmink’s involvement with the Baybasin case. Next to that is the English translation of this document.

When you, Mr Aben, are telling in your conclusion that there is no proof of Joris Demmink’s involvement with the Baybasin case, what is your answer to this fact? Why are you lying? Why are you lying, Mr Aben? Were you one of those victims who was raped by Joris Demmink and don’t want the investigation to carry on against Joris Demmink properly and this truth not to come out as well? Are you protecting your secret or are you protecting Joris Demmink? So, can you tell your reason, please? If you are not going to tell the reason, then tell the public why you are lying, as you lied in your 1730 pages of your conclusion. Why are you lying?

I bring this issue to public’s attention. Everyone should ask Mr Aben why does he lie.
Hüseyin Baybasin