Baybasin: See you in the Courthouse of Den Bosch, May 19 at 10:30 hour!


By order of and in collaboration with the Turkish state, without any legal ground, officers of the Dutch Ministry of Justice have been taking me hostage since December 25, 1995. Meanwhile, the same officers and their collaborators fabricated fake criminal cases and fake evidence, which led to my conviction five years later. This means that I had to wait in high-security isolation, the so-called EBI in PI Vught, for five years for the decision of my conviction. Now, after twenty years, the Attorney General of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands is doing his best – together with criminals and low-life character and fake expert Mr. Van den Heuvel, – to cover up the wrong deeds of his colleagues in this case.

At the same time, the same justice officers, together with the same criminal collaborators of the Turkish state, confiscated all my and my family members’ wealth. Confiscation of wealth has been done for two reasons, but absolutely illegally according to the Rule of Law of this country:

1) in order to destroy my and my family’s lives and our well-being, and to make the proper education of my babies impossible;

2) to make it impossible for me to have a proper legal defence, because in this country when the defender does not have enough money, he can forget about his legal rights because of minimal legal defence possibilities.

Again after 20 years, the Attorney General of the High Court of Den Bosch is doing his best – in fact I should say he his doing his worst – to cover-up the wrongdoing of his colleagues and their collaborators in this case.

We are going to be in Court on May 19 at 10:30 hour. The court procedure at the High Court of Den Bosch is meant to be a show for the public and to cover up the as it is wish of the Attorney General of the court.

This court case is the show of the fake case that has been imposed on me as well as my family.

I am Kurdish and I did my best to bring Kurdish people’s rights to a better level and to create the Independent United States of Kurdistan. That’s why I became targeted by the Turkish State.

I invite independent lawyers, legal academics, and legal experts to be a witness. With their honest and independent view, they should see that this case is just a show, and they should tell the people of this country that I have a good reason to call it ”the cover-up court procedure of fake cases that have been imposed on me for more than twenty years”. I ask you to do this in order to get clarity, to see who are the criminals. Also, I ask you to do this for the sake of the protection of the State of the Law and the Rule of Law in a civilized society.

See you in the Courthouse!