“Hüseyin Baybaşin’nin 21 Haziran da  İngiltere de Gerçekleşen Referandum Sonucuyla İlgili İngilizce Yorumudur”.

Establishing the European Union (EU) was a noble idea. However, the incompetent functionality of lawmakers in Brussel in the EU parliament forced people in the United Kingdom (UK) to vote to leave the EU on 23th June 2016.

Now the most important issue for lawmakers in the UK and in the EU parliament is to think and act very carefully, and to do their best to deminish damages for UK and EU citizens. It is a difficult situation, but not so dark that there is no way out. Goodwill of good individuals must be received correctly by UK and EU lawmakers. Serious reforms are urgently needed in the UK and the EU. There are enough and well qualified politicians in this field of law to find a way out of the darkness and to reach into the lightness.

Everyone must be calm and constructive like one of the great leaders of our time, her excellency, Mrs. Angela Merkel.

Kind Regards,


Huseyin Baybasin

27th of June 2016