Christmas and New Year – I send you all happiness from the darkness.


Since December 24, 1995, I am held hostage in Holland. December 24, I was arrested on Holland’s border with Belgium, near to the city of Breda. When the Dutch police arrested me, they told me that I was wanted in Turkey, and my arrest warrant was issued from Interpol to Holland. Now we know that was not true. The arrest warrant was falsified. My arrest was based on a secret agreement between Turkey and Holland. Currently, we have all official documents as proves to these facts. Interpol has never had my file. I won the extradition case from Holland to Turkey, thanks to an honourable, honest and independent judge in Holland.

March 27, 1998, I was rearrested based on fake cases, which proves now that Holland and Turkish State officials arranged all of this. What I have been trough in Holland’s prisons is just ugliness, which has never ended. Here we are once again, Christmas I cannot talk to my kids, see my babies via Skype and I am in strict condition now in the PI Rotterdam De Schie, because of a very nasty behaviour of Zuyder Bos prison management. Of course by the knowledge of Ministry and personal order of Angelina van Dijk. This is what Zuyder Bos prison personnel told me. Because of that information, I sent Mrs. van Dijk a letter and explained the situation to her. I sent that letter right away once I heard from the personnel about her attention. She replied to my letter with a kind of amateur arrogances.

Every personnel member who have worked in my case and made an intentional fault have acted against me illegally. Of course, they followed their superior’s orders and/or acted intentionally for their own interest. All of my case procedure and detention time in Holland is moved by the high-level official order. Rule of Law never worked in my case. Every person who wants to see the prove of my claims is welcome to visit

I could not raise my kids as a father, which is a painful event for me and I have to live with this. I have to repeat now that why I said that I am still hosted in Holland. Because I am being held hostage against my will and it is unlawful.

I wish all of those officials who intentionally did wrong in my case and those who treated me with their ugly behaviour, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I say this also because I have to rely on the good will of individuals and the fact that Rule of Law never protected my legal rights in Holland. While I am saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, I wish the same for the bad guys.

Separately I send my respect for everyone for their special and kind attention to support me during these difficult circumstances.

I recognize that all of the Kurdish people are in more serious difficulties than me because we don’t have our own country as United States of Kurdistan. So the solution to end our pain for us, the Kurdish people is establishing Independent Kurdistan. Independent Kurdistan is also crucial for peace and stability in the Middle East, including Israel and whole of Europe. This is the vision for all of us to be aware of it.

I ask you all to celebrate Christmas and New Year for me as well.