Does justice exist in Holland?


Because of this Turkish-Dutch fake case imposed on me, it was made clear to all of us, that the State of Law cannot function properly without a solid check for balance and proper accountability for wrongdoing.

Every person who violated the law in my case, for whatever reason, must pay the consequences according to the Rule of Law. Only then we can say that justice has been done. As well by this way The State of Law can gain trust and respect.

Today the justice system in Holland looks like a ‘’show-business’’. But a Justice Department cannot be a show-business. It cannot be an institution of lies and fraud, as it has been in my case since 24 December 1995.

The truth is available in the official documents of this country’s Justice Department. Proof of this can be found on the website

With respect, I call the Ministry of Justice and the Dutch parliament to look at this case with honesty and self-respect.

Hüseyin Baybasin,