Erdogans plan is not limited on attack of Kurds in Rojava but on all…


Erdogans plan is not limited on attack of Kurds in Rojava but on all of civilisation

We are calling up the good people from the civilised world. We all have to see the picture clearly. What is the sick man Erdogan of Turkey is tying to do? His aim and plan is to rescue Islamist terrorist militants, their family members and sympathisant from the camps and prisons controlled by the Kurdish forces. And those who are still in Idlib are going to be replace into Rojava of Kurdistan. In doing so, he makes the European Union and Amerika to even pay for it. That’s what he is doing and each and every coalition members, partners with Kurdish forces in Irak and Syria are well aware of this fact. The coalition partners loosing time by only talk talk talk?
Ore are all of the coalition partner scared of Erdogan and his Islamist terrorists and not act but just waiting their time with talk talk talk.

Let us al get real and push Erdogan and his Islamist terrorists out of civilisation and act now and not tomorrow. It will be too late if you wait for tomorrow.

If Turkish people in the state of Turkey have a legitimate security concern because of Kurdish forces in Rojava than they can station all of their military power on the boarder of the Turkish side.

Behalf of the United States of Kurdistan’s government in axiale

Huseyin Baybasin