The United States of America’s president has redrawn the so-called Iran nuclear deal. That deal of 2015 was dead wrong in the way the agreement was reached.

The problem with the Iran nuclear deal is not about the Iranian people, but it is about Iran’s Mullah-regime. After the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, the Mullah-regime became very aggressive in terms of weaponization and spread its Islamisation policy quickly. As a result of this policy, they are controlling Lebanon, Iraq and they are fully pushing to control Syria and Yemen as well. Their aim is to cause further disability in order to keep the power of their own state in control. The Mullah’s regime has the same policy as ISIS. They must not be allowed to spread their destructive policy.

I sincerely believe that the civilised world leaders must listen and analyse carefully what the Prime Minister Netanyahu is saying. The critics suggest that ‘no Iranian deal would create regional war or geopolitical war’. This is senseless, as there is already a war going on from the Iranian border to Israel. We have to be sure that it will not be there. We have to find a solution for this very serious problem before the destabilisation will spread all around and causes for a bloody civilized war.

Wishing the best to everyone,
Hüseyin Baybasin