Let us stand for common interests, and not for ignorance and selfishness


The International community – the UN, USA, EU, – Russia first and foremost – and others, are well aware of the reasons for the present chaos in the world. Putin was the first to bring to public attention how Erdogan of Turkey was organising and coordinating ISIS militants, arming and training them, sending them into the theatre of war and then treating their injured in Turkey with taxpayers’ money. Again, Putin brought to international attention how Erdogan was transporting oil from ISIS-controlled areas and marketing it.

Similar statements were made by Joe Biden just as Putin had revealed. Brett McGurk also detailed how events were being shaped on the ground and how he had personally discussed the issues with Erdogan only to realise that the Turks were using what he was telling them, changing their strategy, and continuing to do that same as they had been doing all along. The international media regularly made it clear that this was the case. Erdogan himself consistently announced, loud and clear, that “Rabia is our guidance and we will do everything to spread Islamicisation.” In his mind, if all the world would become Muslim, everything will be solved. On the contrary, if it doesn’t become Muslim, he and others like him will continue to perpetuate the problem through tools like Al Qaeda and their like.

Let us not fool ourselves and ignore the facts. We all know the causes of the damage that we are doing to ourselves. We don’t think and act for common interests but make it appear that we are doing so. We cause harm and injury to ourselves through arrogance and stupidity but do not admit it.

Our irresponsible behaviour causes a very high level of damage, much illness, and death. If we learn to act for common interests rather than self interest and take the necessary measures surely we can limit unnecessary damage and destruction

Naturally actions for common interests represent high values and principles which humankind stands for. So, fife is ours. We decide how to live. This is true. Therefore, we may not blame anyone but ourselves for the mistakes we make. Belief in these ideals makes its clear to all of us that the establishment of USK is in the best interests of the Kurdish nation, the Middle East as a whole and beyond.

This is as important as the protection of the environment. Let us all not be ignorant and be cowards for our self interest.

Islamist fundamentalism of Erdogan’s Turkey is the basis of the most dangerous and destructive ‘legitimate’ power of our time. Other similar regimes come after. Eventually we will be able to stop them all whatever the cost. However, if we all stand for common interests and act accordingly we will be able to stop them with less bloodshed and destruction.