Message from Baybasin – Justice is sick in Holland


The justice system in Holland is not only unfair, but is sick. It is based on lies and the abuse of power. The law is not functioning at all. On paper everything is perfect, but as a matter of fact, the law is not working. That is the reason why my case is still not solved. All those who worked on my case as officials are using my case and the law for their self-interest.

Citizens who made mistakes and violated the Rule of Law deserve punishment. There must be no illusion about this. Those who commit a criminal offence and are punished by the court of law must pay their debt. This is fine and this is a very important necessity of civilization. Seeking unfairness stands in the way of how the system is functioning. Inequality stands in the way of the enforcement of the law. Decisions in the justice system are based on one party submission. Whatever the prosecutor does, the judges accept as a fact. Even when defence proves that falsifications are true, the prosecutors and judges act together to cover up the truth. All experts are irrelevant to the courts, except when they need them for their covert procedures, even when the judges know the accusations against individuals are based on false evidence. They don’t mind to make decisions, as everything is considered to be perfect. Anything submitted by the court to the defence has no meaning. Even when the defence proves that there is a 100 percent wrongdoing by the justice, they will find a way to go around it and crush the defence. The judges accepts the manipulated evidence; even when they know the evidence has been prepared and falsified by the prosecutor’s office, the judges uses it all, with its on likelihood based imagination, and this leads to a conviction of the accused.

Misuse of the law by all parties is part of the justice system. The facts for them do not matter! Police officers, prosecutors, translators, experts, judges and the prison system all are based on the abuse of power. The justice system is functioning like all industries for their employees. They all are one big happy family, and they have their victims as their tools, which they call criminals!

The so-called criminals are just tools for the fully corrupted justice system in Holland. This wrongdoing cannot be corrected or ended other than by proper checks and balances. And then the punishment for wrongdoings as simple as it is. If anyone is not willing to accept or understand what I am saying, I invite him or her to look into my case file on

I am writing this because I am sick and tired of hearing ugly nonsense, of abuse of power imposed on me by the Department of Justice in Holland. The judges and prosecutors have all the tools to abuse their power for their self-interest or to please their superiors.

Now everybody is waiting to see how the Supreme Court is going to cover up the wrongdoing of its colleagues.

They all know, as I do, that I did not commit any crime, that I did not violate the law, and still they put me in prison. They put and held me in prison in order to protect the interests of a bunch of criminal individuals who have high positions in the government of Holland.

Hüseyin Baybasin


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