Message from Mr Baybaşin


I would like to congratulate Lange Frans and his extraordinary team for their courage and the determination to work hard and effectively against paedophiles and corrupt entities and state officials. Every one of us have to work hard to clear up these dirty criminals from the governing bodies of the civilized society. Joris Demmink and others that protect him are on top of this criminal organisation. Unfortunately, whoever worked on my case (every police officer, prosecutor, judge and including the mainstream media) knew the truth about Demmink’s crime regarding my case and they all abused their position to cover up the truth to protect Joris Demmink and his criminal paedophiles organisation. Some members of mainstream media tried to bring the truth out, but they were stopped by their bosses. Any judge or prosecutor who tried to do their job according to the law were removed from my case. However, I will not let them go away from what they have done to me. I am happy to see that good people in the Netherlands realise that bad people like Demmink are using their state official powers for their own interests. That is the reason that the legal system in the Netherlands is totally paralysed. Most of the judges, prosecutors and police officers are forced to serve these dirty criminals who are in charge of the legal system. And those who do not follow their orders, are being eliminated. A very clear example is Jan Koers. Everybody needs to look at his life. He was Advocate-General, and the liaison prosecutor between The Netherlands and Turkey. They destroyed his life because he refused to serve this paedophile criminal organisation who lead the legal system in the Netherlands.

Good people, not just in the Netherlands, but in the whole world, need to be and act more courageous and constructive. Good people must not wait for someone to come from the sky and put everything in order. That is not going to happen. Therefore, every and each one of good people must act against wrongdoings of dirty people, who are the paedophile corrupt criminals. Thanks to good people and possibilities of social media, some effective work was made public in order to raise awareness of who those dirty people are. That is why dirty people are scared to death. That is the reason they are stalking social media and good people from different angles. This is not going to work. Social media is bringing all the truth out: right or wrong. Everybody should have a right to speak their mind loudly and people can listen and decide for themselves.

Before, mainstream media was controlled by those dirty criminals. However, because of hard work of good people and the possibilities of social media, those dirty people’s identities will be known to the public now. They were covered before by the mainstream media, because they are cowards and that is why they are scared: because the truth is known by the public now.

All of the criminals are cowards anyway. If anybody have any doubts about it, they can take it from me. I am living in the hell for more than twenty years and I saw many criminals who were working for the states and others who were in detention tried to portray themselves as heroes, but they were cowards. Because heroes do nothing wrong; they never abuse kids; they do not abuse their powers.

Good people are fearless, and they are looking for happiness in orderly lifestyle. They work hard, they are honest, they are decent, and they are looking for good lives. The aim of good people is to do everything good. Now, good people need to be and act more courageous and effective than criminal cowards like Joris Demmink and others like him.

I would like to thank Lange Frans again, and his extraordinary courageous team, and I would like to thank everyone else who is working very hard to bring out the truth of the wrongdoings by the dirty criminals holding high official offices.

Hüseyin Baybaşin
Ps. please note that this article has been written before Baybasin’s father has passed away.

18 september 2020