On the 30th of June, after 20 years of tyranny, the High Court of Den Bosch is going to announce the decision about my so-called financial case


28 June 2017, PI De Schie Rotterdam at 2 pm

We all know very well that all accusations in the financial case are based on lies and deliberately manipulated so-called telephone taps. Before they arrested me, all my and my family members’ wealth was confiscated. The same High Court of Den Bosch already decided in 1999 that the confiscation in the Baybasin case was illegal. Despite this fact, Dutch prosecution officers carried on with this case for 20 years because of political orders and pressure. And the same court allowed them to do so. Now they are going to make a decision. This is a joke, as it would be even in Third World countries. This has nothing to do with protection by the Rule of Law. That is why I will not go there. But every party is welcome to go and be a witness of this tyranny.

My lawyer Ms Van der Plas has been informed by multiple trustworthy and reliable sources that Mr Aben has already made a negative decision about my revision case, which he has investigated. This by means of denying all the facts and asking the Supreme Court not to re-open the fake case they imposed on me. Every person involved in my case, at every level of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior, is well aware of that there is no case whatsoever.

The facts are:

I was kidnapped and held hostage by the Dutch Ministry of Justice by orders based on an illegal agreement between Joris Demmink and Turkish officials. I was kidnapped on December 24, 1995. The agreement had been made before that time. All relevant official documents were given to Mr Aben himself. Of course the Supreme Court also has all this information. So does every other department in the Ministry of Justice. According to information that has been given to my lawyer last week, Mr Aben already made a negative decision. He is going to announce this very soon and is busy, together with a group of people, to formulate the announcement of his negative decision. The source informed my lawyer that the information came from the people who are working together with Mr Aben in my case. This is what my lawyer informed me about last week. Is this information true or not? I am not going to comment on it. What I can tell you, the source of the information is, indeed, reliable.

Mr Aben’s decision will not be the outcome of his profession and will not be according to the order of the Rule of Law in this country. If that would be the case so, I would not be in the prison right now. If Mr Aben would act according to the Rule of Law and his profession, he would not have carried on for 7 years under the guise of a so-called investigation, but would have done his best to uncover the truth. Actually, we can say that he needed 7 years to cover up the truth.

From the start of this so-called investigation in my case, it was clear to me that it was Mr Aben’s task to cover up the truth. Also, it was very clear to me that Mr Aben knew the whole truth from the beginning of my case, as Mr Aben was personally involved in my case when he was working as a prosecutor in Amsterdam. And it is not surprising to me that Mr Aben did everything possible to cover up the wrongdoings of his colleagues. I am very comfortable with saying so, because this is the truth. Mr Aben’s position in my case has nothing to do with his profession and has nothing to do with the protection of the Rule of Law in this country. So my case is very personal for Mr Aben.

In the past 7 years, Mr Aben has been showing with his deeds openly and in a very comfortable way that he is covering up the wrongdoings of his colleagues. That is why he continues letting his employees leak certain information to the public, in order to serve his purpose.

One of his employees, the criminal element Mr Van den Heuvel, was one of his messengers to leak information to the public. He did so more than once. Every time we heard about it, we informed Mr Aben and his reaction usually was something like ‘’so what?”. And this same criminal element Mr Van den Heuvel is the main element in Mr Aben’s cover-up process in the so-called investigation in my case.

My belief about the information that leaked out is that Mr Aben knows about it and that it serves his purpose. The reason why I believe this is because of everything Mr Aben has done up till now.

I have to say that the behaviour of the Ministry of Justice in my case is shameful and destructive. Shameful to the name of Justice, shameful to the sake of Justice, and destructive to a civilized way of life.

I felt obliged to share this information with the public, the real honour of the State.

With respect, I wish you all the best,
Hüseyin Baybasin