One hundred years of tyranny has to end with the formation of the United States of Kurdistan


The regime of Iran’s clerics has created division and instability in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon for the sake of their own survival. They also tried this in Bahrain and other Gulf countries. What will the consequences be if we let them to carry on with this behavior, and how severe will be the damage and destruction as result of their action?

Iran created Hezbollah in Lebanon to represent Iran militarily and politically. We all see what the current situation is in Lebanon. That is also exactly what they are doing in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. They are working very hard to destabilize the state of Israel. Iran is behind the most of chaos in Palestine. The do this to destabilize the region in order for Iran to take charge of these countries. We don’t have to be geniuses to see that this behavior of Iran is not helpful to anyone in the world, including the Iranian people.

What the Iranian regime and the regime of Erdogan of Turkey is doing is likely to destroy all civilization in the world. This is the aim and the ideology. And this is going to happen if we don’t take steps to stop them.

I wonder if President Putin is aware of the seriousness of the matter?

We as the Kurdish nation warmly welcome the United States of America and the state of Israel to our homeland, Kurdistan, as allies and partners. We don’t want Iran, Iraq, Syria and, especially, not Turkey on Kurdish land. This barbaric fascist state is the cause of of the destruction done to our land over the past hundred years.

The solution is the United States of Kurdistan, the United States of America, the state of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and also the Gulf countries like Kuwait; and Jordan and Egypt. We can work together and create a paradise in the Middle East.

The United States of Kurdistan, the United States of America, the state of Israel must be allies and partners in every field of statehood. We have to act now – there is no other way forward. The Iranian regime of the Mullahs is an international terrorist organization, just like ISIS, and one that shares an ideology from the Middle Ages. The so-called nuclear deal was outrageous and wrong.

In the great game going on across the region with the mainstream media being fed and regurgitating government policy and propaganda people do not see the truth for that it is. The Iranian strikes last night on American bases in Iraq and Kurdistan are a foil – a matter of pre-agreement to satisfy Iran’s need to show it retaliated over the strike that eliminated Qasem Soleimani.

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8 January 2020, Huseyin Baybasin