The Law, the Truth and the Prosecution Deception


Populism is the hidden poison of contemporary civilization. Fascism is the enemy but populism is the poison. In Holland, populism is even more effective than can be seen. The case against me has nothing to do with respect for the Rule of Law. A circle of paedophile and corrupt criminals is responsible for creating the “Baybasin case”: they have used it simply to further their ugly ambitions. Members of this elite circle have managed to occupy high positions in important institutions in Holland. Mr Joris Demmink and Mr Hugo Hillenaar are among the most corrupt members of these criminal state organizations. They have managed to come this far by exploiting populist elements in Holland.

I am still investigating the real reason behind prosecutor Mr. D.J.C. (Diederik) Aben, Advocaat-generaal Hoge Raad der Nederlanden’s amateurish and unlawful advice to the court in my case. Mr Aben must have a very dark reason to use a criminal like Mr Bas van den Heuvel as an expert. Mr Aben himself knows very well that Mr Van der Heuvel is not an expert. As he also well knows he doesn’t hold any qualifications for the job that he has carried out for Mr Aben, but has received a significant fee for it.

I have to say ‘shame on Mr Aben’ to use abusive language against highly respectable Professor Ton Derksen, Professor Peter Grünwald and Professor Richard Gill, who are highly regarded as experts in Holland. What’s more, Mr Aben has taken the same tone towards qualified technical experts like Mr Hans van de Ven, Mr Artin Kuylman, Mr Rynders, and Mr. Franssen. These gentlemen are all well-known experts in their field in Holland.

Also, very importantly, former Dutch chief of the CID (Police Intelligence Department, Netherlands) Mr. Klass Langendoen, carried out a ten-year investigation into the case and submitted his findings in favour of the defence evidence to Mr Aben. He had also been interviewed by the Helsinki Commission in New York and presented his evidence there before Chris Smith.

Other internationally respected and well-known technical experts are Mr. Shlomo Peller – an Israeli expert, and two highly qualified technical Forensic Institute experts from the FBI. One of them is Mr. Dicky, who had advised us via the US Consulate in Holland and BEK TEK LCC appointed by the tCEAS.

Then we come to highly qualified, experienced and renowned Kurdish language and grammar expert and Kurdish-English and English-Kurdish translator Mr. Baran Rizgar based in the UK and Ms. Sheri Laizer, author and Middle East specialist, who also works as an expert to the courts in the UK, US, Netherlands and Germany in Middle East issues. The Kurdish Institute in Brussels also endorsed Baran Rizgar’s expertise as a Kurdish linguist and author of Kurdish teaching materials. My Lawyer, Ms Van der Plas, made contact with him online.

Also, we have Professor Martin van Bruinessen, who is internationally well-known as an expert in the field of Kurdish sociology, language, and political history. He is held in high esteem in Holland.

All these experts from technical, legal and translation fields have submitted reports in favour of the defence evidence and have made it clear that the telephone conversations that were used against me in the case as ‘evidence’ were manipulated. The translations were both inconsistent and faulty.

Despite this, prosecutor Aben puts all these professionals aside, rejects their reports and names the fraudster, Van der Heuvel, as the key expert!

Whatever the real motive is for presenting this unlawful opinion in my case I will certainly find out. He has shown himself to be dishonest, corrupt and cowardly, like bent aides, who have committed a crime and acted illegally in their work on the “Baybasin case”.

I do have very bad news for Demmink, Aben, Hillenaar and other corrupt actors like them. The same goes for their criminal accessories from the Turkish state.

Populism is a passing trend and has no value or merits to lead society and inform civilization. Corrupt people do not belong in high offices in civilized countries like Holland.

I know there to be more decent and honourable people in this country (Holland) than these criminal cowards. I say to them, for me, there is nothing more you can do to me than you have already done. You have done your worst. But I will never turn my back on who I am, where I come from, and the values I stand for. More importantly, I’ll never underestimate my enemies, but I’ll also never surrender to them. I am clear about who my enemies are, where they are coming from, and what their aim is. But this criminal clique cooperates with my enemies against me and still occupy high offices in important institutions in Holland. They are just low-life criminals. For sure they are not my enemies. And that is the way I’ll treat them.

Now, I say to them, “as you have done your worst, you have to live with a nightmare for honourable people’s good deeds, which will come.


Best regards,
Hüseyin Baybasin

2 August 2017