Huseyin Baybasin has written you the following letter, which he is adamant to publish on his website and other Kurdish sites etc. He asked me to forward it to you as he is furious with the falsehoods about him that you are credited with on DW. He has been held hostage for more than 20 years and has no connections with drug trafficking nor were the false charges against him anything to do with drugs. See the case. How could he run drugs from a Dutch prison? It was he who originally exposed state agents of Turkey’s involvement, as is well documented.


To Mr Walter Posch: A liar and fake (academic) personality

Your article on Turkey’s drugs and politics in interview with Deutsche Welle is full of lies, fiction and fantasy. Clearly, your actions represent the barbaric, fascist mentality of Erdogan and Bahceli of Turkey. Furthermore, your article and interview seem to represent the power of the global paedophile club. If this is not the case, then you must surely be on the payroll of Erdogan’s international Islamic fundamentalist terrorist criminal organisation.

Austrian people are considered decent and civilised, hardworking and fair, so whatever the reason for your action is, being based on lies about me, is an open question. Part of your article and interview constitutes a repetition of the lies of other authors which have been published for the past three decades and they have faced legal action by me. Since 24 December 1995, when I was kidnapped, I have been held hostage in the kingdom of the Netherlands by the criminals of the so-called Ministry of Justice.

They have managed to ‘legalise’ my being held hostage based on an agreement between state agents of Turkey and the Netherlands. The agreement was for Turkey to cover up the paedophile case of Joris Demmink in Turkey and for the Netherlands in exchange to incarcerate Huseyin Baybasin. This is the fact that is ignored by dirty people like you.

Even a taxi driver in Austria, or elsewhere in Europe, is well aware of what Turkey has been doing to the Kurds for the past century. Also, the rest of the world knows that Erdogan himself is the creator of Islamist terrorist organisations IS, the Nusra Front and others like them. Surely an opportunist crook like yourself knows very well what Erdogan has been doing to Kurdish people. You should know that Erdogan has become the most destructive and dangerous terrorist of the last century.

You may be on that payroll and try to remain ignorant and arrogant such as to continue publishing the lies or start to learn about my case in Holland and about my life based on the truth and the facts. It is your choice but you and any dirty power behind you cannot influence the facts or scare me or try to change my upright way of life.

Now, I demand that you publish this letter in response of mine as my reaction to your article and interview or be prepared for my legal action.

Huseyin Baybasin
8 December 2020