All developed prosperous states should look in the mirror. They should wonder what they have done to nature with their arrogant power.

I would like to say something more about the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Maybe I should say the Kingdom of arrogance, injustice and paedophiles.

The Dutch Ministry of Justice was occupied by paedophiles a long time ago. It was the reason for my hostage-taking and ill-treatment in this country. It also turned this ministry into an incompetent and criminal organization that could only think in lies. Today, the coronavirus is in power. Unfortunately, because this ministry of justice is still ruled by incompetence, the prisoners and prison staff have had to suffer even more from this crisis.

Incompetent and irresponsible leadership of the Dutch criminal justice organisation is causing more chaos among detainees and prison staff. I learned that some prisoners have started organising strikes and protests because they have not been treated according to the established rules. It means that the rule of law doesn’t work at all. The frustration of the prisoners and some prison guards has pushed them to their limits and encouraged them to consider such actions.

I would like to advise that no one should take any action in order not to cause more chaos. More than anyone else, I agree that there is mismanagement, but we are going through difficult times. The protest will bring no good, but it will certainly cause more chaos.

Everyone must keep calm and not let things get out of hand. It is much better to take legal action against everything we disagree with. It may be that legal actions will not produce the expected results, but it will certainly not drive us to a more chaotic situation.

I also call on civil rights organisations to pay attention to the situation and look at it carefully.

I repeat that we must act more carefully.

I have also heard that some news organizations say that prisoners are in desperate need of drugs. This story is total nonsense. What inmates and prison authorities need is humane, decent and professional treatment of the prison population. This is what is lacking in the Dutch prison system under the leadership of this incompetent ministry.

I respectfully ask my lawyers to share my opinion.

April 11, 2020

Kind regards,

Hisên Baybas