Erdogan borrowed 50 billion dollars from the former president of Angola. In return, as securisation, he pledged the Turkish state’s bonds. Turkey defaulted several times under the credit agreement to meet its obligations, and as per kind request of Erdogan, the Angolan president extended the payment dates. The last gentle request of Erdogan was 10 days ago, which was rejected by the president of Angolia, simply because Angolia acted as a guarantor under the credit agreement by lending the money from global banks (and institutions) and has its obligation towards these institutions.

Erdogan knows that this is going to cause serious financial problems in Turkey. Therefore he is currently collecting money from Turkish citizens under the guise of the coronavirus. In other words, he is using the coronavirus as an excuse to cover up one out of its million problems.

Having said that, we, the Kurds, have the right to rule ourselves and to establish our state. This financial issue of Erdogan with Angola is one of the problems Turkey is facing, but will not affect the status of the Kurds in any way. We need independence, and we will manage to achieve this. Turkeys’ real problem is not the coronavirus, but their dirty mind-set. Erdogan is the leader of this dirty mind-set; the leader of the terrorist mentality virus.

A friend of mine who is currently living in Angola provided me with this information with respect to the issue between Angola and Turkey. If the Turkish government or any of its institutions is going to deny the accuracy of the content of this information, I will share official documents with the public relating to this matter.

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April 6, 2020
(Please note that this article is a short summary of the full article in Turkish posted yesterday on my website)

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