To the warriors of civilisation in Holland


Your Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen

You continuous courageous protest action about my case in front of the Dutch Parliament and Supreme Court buildings in the Hague is indeed encouraging and inspiring the good people of this country, and especially your action of 15 March 2018. That action is encouraging for more respectable individuals like yourselves to end their silence against the wrongdoing conducted, not on behalf of the state but for their own interests. It is inspiring to those of us who have lost their faith in the statehood of Holland.

I do not think your Excellencies are in any need of my thanks because each one of you is much greater than to expect anyone’s thanks, however, I respectfully seek your permission to allow me to say so, as your actions are going to create a very great independent and powerful check and balance movement in the civilised world which is very much needed, and in particular in Holland.

Respectfully yours,

Huseyin Baybasin
16 March 2018