On 9 March 2018, Turkey’s Deputy PM reportedly held a meeting with Turkish military officers, the Intelligence service, and the leaders of ISIS and similar Islamist terrorist organisations in the Hatay area on the Syrian border.

According to information obtained about this meeting, the aim it is to put plans into motion to move Sunni Islamic terrorist organisations into position. Over one million terrorist members and their families have been trained and made ready inside Turkey’s refugee camps called Afad.

The Turkish government intends to position these terrorists in and around Afrin, just as they have done in the Jarablus and El Bab areas.

The plan is to relocate members of ISIS and similar extremist terror organisations and their families from Afrin all the way to Iraq’s border on the Syrian side of the Turkish border and then from Afrin to Manbij and Aleppo.

The decision was taken by Turkish officials and their partners under Erdogan’s helm in the meeting of 9 March 2018 in order to take retribution against the Kurds and take control of northern Syria and thereafter govern it in the name of the so-called Free Syrian Army. The Kurdish nation will do its utmost to prevent the sinister plan of Turkish President Erdogan from succeeding.

The questions that must be asked are what is NATO going to do? What is the EU going to do? What is the UN going to do?

The USA’s efforts to keep Turkey out of Syria and to prevent the Turkish government from continuously training and organising Islamic militants appears not to be working. Russia and Iran have any pushed Turkey into forming this plan in order to give themselves a reason for remaining in Syria and Iraq.

The Kurds are partners of the coalition forces in the war against terror. A counterplan is urgently needed by the coalition to curtail Erdogan’s dangerous Islamist terror policies.

Hüseyin Baybasin,
17 March 2018