United States of America is in the urgent need of a new real leader

Erdogan of Turkey negotiated and made a deal with the PKK. His prime minister announced this deal which was agreed on in 2015, called “Dolmabahçe agreement.” Then Erdogan changed his mind because his fascistic ideology overpowered his sense of logic. Same Erdogan invited the leader of PYD and YPJ together with a Kurdish delegation from Rojava under the leadership of Salih Muslim and they could not reach an agreement because of that bully boy of Turkey, dictator Erdogan started to call them terrorists.
Now the same Erdogan is accusing the USA, France and some other European countries with abusive language, because of their relationship with the PYD an YPJ.
So, when this man worked with hem, it was alright. But when others spoke with the same organisations then everything is wrong. Why?
Because bully boy Erdogan of Turkey said so. European Union and the United Nations must act against the fascist state of Turkey and his Islamist fundamentalist leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It’s time to act and not to talk. This man is committing crimes against humanity on your watch.