Why the United States of Kurdistan


We have no doubt that the United Nations, in particular and in general all of the world, are aware of continuing human rights abuses against the Kurdish people by the occupying states since the division of Kurdistan after World War I.

Kurdish people are suppressed in all aspects of civil society. Kurds are being targeted through every means of illegal force in their homeland. They cannot freely use their Kurdish language, their rights of freedom of education, but are forced to be assimilate by their suppressor’s cultural norms, and are prevented from exercising their own cultural traditions-folk songs, dress code or the use of Kurdish name and terminology. Clearly, Kurdish people are subject to systematic genocide by the occupying states.

Why Government and not a political party?

Kurdish people have the right to self-determination, independent sovereign Kurdish state, The United States Kurdistan. This is the only possibility for Kurds to leave their life in peace, safety and stability in their homeland.

This process requires government and governmental functionalities.  A political party cannot act on behalf of all of Kurdistan and the Kurdish nation. That is why the governmental statute was necessary. For Kurds, not to live their life under the suppressive governments of today, but under a federal Kurdish state.

We share with you this statement on behalf of the United States of Kurdistan’s government for the third year of establishment of the United States of Kurdistan’s government in exile.

With utmost respectful thanks to our Government’s legal team, advisory team, the states that supported us and the honourable members of our Government.

Thank you all again.

On behalf of the United States of Kurdistan’s Government,

Huseyin Baybasin (Hisên Baybaş)