The Prosecution’s falsification of phone tap evidence is a crime

The Attorney General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr. D.J.C. (Diederik) Aben’s wrongdoing in my case is not a simple matter. Mr Aben’s wrongdoing is intentional and constitutes an unlawful act. There are more than ten internationally recognized, highly qualified, reputable professors and experts who have analysed and reported on all of the so-called telephone conversations and the translations made of them, which have been used in my case as evidence. They find clearly that these were both technically manipulated and deliberately mistranslated.

The technical manipulations are very clear. The mistranslations reveal major inconsistencies where key words are removed from the transcript made of the translations and replaced with words chosen to fit the desired meaning.

Mr Bas van der Heuvel is not considered to be an expert

Mr Aben deliberately instructed Mr Van der Heuvel as prosecution expert. The Dutch Forensic Institution has stated that Mr Van der Heuvel is not an expert .The institution made clear that he is not considered to be the qualified expert he pretends to be. More importantly, the Dutch Forensic Institution’s report concerning Mr Van der Heuvel finds: ‘’Mr Van der Heuvel does not know, or do not make clear, his reasoning or belief on which to base his findings’’ (rapportage van het NFI van 13 januari 2003[1]). Nor is Mr van der Heuvel consistent in his findings. In the report he produced, his findings on the same issue contradict each other. This report was submitted by Mr Aben to my lawyer, Mrs Van der Plas.

Mr Aben, in his summing up does not acknowledge the Dutch Forensic Intuition’s report concerning Mr Van der Heuvel’s lack of expertise.

Media manipulation by prosecution actors

The Netherlands National News agency (NOS) had published a falsehood about me in 2015. Accordingly, I brought charges against the NOS. The Court of Utrecht found in my favour and I was compensated by the NOS.

Following the decision of the Court of Utrecht concerning the NOS, in one of the hearings in my case in Mr Aben’s presence, Mr Van der Heuvel made an odd comment that ‘’Baybasin was lucky in the ruling on NOS in the Court of Utrecht’’. My lawyer, Ms Van der Plas, informed me about Mr Van der Heuvel’s remark, that surprised me. Why should an unqualified person like Mr Van der Heuvel make such a comment!?

Recently, we discovered that the individual who was intentionally lying to Robert Bas of the NOS was in fact Van der Heuvel himself. Robert Bas was responsible for publishing incorrect details about me by the NOS news.

We are also aware that Mr Aben has been using Van der Heuvel to spread misinformation in the media about my case, but we did not know previously that Mr Aben and his pawn, Van der Heuvel were the very pair that organized falsehoods to be published in the NOS. They did this in order to present me in a bad light before Mr Aben’s conclusions were to be published.

The public must be aware that this is the underhand and treacherous manner in which corrupt officials working for the Ministry of Justice in Holland conduct their job instead of acting according to the law.

Aben’s selective use of evidence

General Attorney Diederik Aben also shelved all the statements helpful to the defence made by Necdet Menzir, Istanbul Chief of Police, between 1992-1995. Mr Menzir had clearly stated that he met Mr Joris Demmink more than once in Istanbul in1995 and worked with him on the Baybasin case. Menzir also stated that he had appointed security officers to act for Mr Demmink during his stay in Istanbul. One of these officers was Mr M. Korkmaz.

Collusion and promotions

Furthermore, the Military Intelligence Service of Turkey’s high-level operative, Mr. Celebi stated that he saw Mr Demmink in Turkey between 1994 and 2002 on several occasions. He sent a written statement to Professor Buruma offering to testify in the commission of my case, chaired by Professor Buruma himself, but professor Buruma did not accept his offer.

We know that Prof. Buruma covered up the truth with one of my ex-lawyers, another dubious figure. Prof. M. Wladimiroff, a corrupt professor of law, then did a deal with Demmink in order to obtain a promotion so as to become a member of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

I brought charges against Wladimiroff, because he was first instructed as my lawyer and then became a judge in my case alongside Professor Buruma. This action fell outside any moral and legal standards. I pressed charges against him in the disciplinary court, and won the case. But Professor Buruma managed to become a judge sitting in the Supreme Court.

I heard about this sickening information and shared it with several journalists and my lawyers. Prof. Buruma was indeed appointed as a judge to the Supreme Court. The mainstream media in Holland did not do anything with this information.

Another Turkish military intelligence service officer came to Holland at the request of Mr Aben. Mr Aben questioned this officer in his office. The officer told Mr Aben that he had met Joris Demmink in 1996 in Ankara while they were working together as part of a team on the ‘Baybasin case’.

Former Dutch CID Chief, Mr. Klaas Langendoen, conducted an investigation in Turkey whereby two Turkish police officers gave him their statements. They told him they had seen Demmink in Turkey. Mr Langendoen gathered much additional information from Turkish officials that Demmink was working on a case against Baybasin. He passed all this information on to Mr Aben in person.

Another important witness was the Attorney General of Holland, Mr Jan Koers, who presented his statement to Mr Aben on the fact that Mr Demmink had given him orders in the Baybasin case. That was more than once and occurred between 1994-1998.

I also gave Mr Aben personally several official documents with the letterhead of the Dutch Ministry of Justice on them. Those documents were proof of Demmink’s involvement in my case. They were also proof of Holland’s cooperation with Turkey in my case. All these documents were official records from the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

Mr Aben checked those documents and said ‘’I never saw those documents before’’. Then I told Mr Aben, ‘’Well sir, you see them now’’.

My Lawyer, Ms van der Plas, investigation judge, Ms Wijnnobel and her entourage were present when that happened. This took place when Mr Aben was in Ms Wijnnobel’s office in the Court of Den Haag and questioned me in 2015.

Open questions to Diederik Aben, Dutch General Attorney

Now, Mr Aben, my questions to you are as follow:

– Why are you lying to say that there is no proof of manipulation in the Baybasin case?

– Why are you lying to say that there is no wrong translation of the phone taps used against Baybasin?

– Why are you lying to say that there is no any proof of cooperation between Turkey and Holland in the Baybasin case?

– Why are you lying to say that there is no proof of Demmink’s involvement in the Baybasin case?

– Why you do your best to cover-up the truth, Mr Aben?

– Have you also made an agreement to cover-up the truth, so as to become a judge of the Supreme Court like Prof. Buruma did?

– Is this your reason to lie and cover-up the truth, Mr Aben?

– Or you are a member of a paedophile ring, Mr Aben?

– Is that the reason you have involvement in my case from the very beginning in Holland? Is that so, Mr Aben?

– Were you one of the “others” who were arrested in 1995 with Joris Demmink in Bodrum, Turkey, and taken to Ankara, Mr Aben?

– Were you one of Demmink’s companions in the paedophile party in Bodrum, Mr Aben?

– Were you one of the child abusers with Demmink in Bodrum, Mr Aben?

– Did you rape underage kids with Demmink in the paedophile party in Bodrum in 1995, Mr Aben?

– Is that why you were taken to Ankara with Demmink, Mr Aben?

– Were you present in 1995 when Joris Demmink made an agreement with the Turks in Ankara to accept their deal to cover-up the charges against Joris Demmink and his companions in return for finding Baybasin and handing him over to Turkey, Mr Aben?

– Mr Aben, by abusing your position and committing crimes against me intentionally, is all this wrongdoing in my case your job?

– Why do you do all this, Mr Aben?

– Do you and the other corrupt crooks involved believe you have done all you’ve done in my case and will get away with it, Mr Aben?

– Maybe, the corrupt and the paedophiles that include your co-defendants, Hugo Hillenaar, Joris Demmink, and others find comfort through occupying high offices while committing horrific crimes and believing they will get away with it, is that so, Mr Aben?

– Mr Aben, do you remember the name of Josef Stein?

– Do you remember who visited Turkey under this name, Mr Aben?

One more question to you, Mr Aben!

As you know full well, Mr A. IJzerman was officially said to be the Chief officer leading the investigation team in my case. You know that was a huge bluff. You know Mr IJzerman name was used on paper as part of the cover-up procedure. You know Mr IJzerman lied before the Court about my case while under oath. You also know the acting chief of the investigation team in my case was in fact Mr. Jan de Bruin. After my case was completed in 1998, Mr de Bruin received enough money (from the Ministry of Justice) to leave Holland. He is now living abroad. The Ministry of Justice paid him enough to be able to continue living abroad with his family to keep quiet over the Baybasin case.

You know that the investigating prosecutor, Mr Hugo Hillenaar, also lied under oath in the High Court of Den Bosch in my case. You know that he held the key position in the cooperation between Turkey and Holland in the Baybasin case.

The chief question is this, Mr Aben: You have conducted nearly seven years of investigation so why did you not question these three men when you know they are key witnesses in the case?

This open letter to Mr Aben is also for public scrutiny.

Hüseyin Baybasin
16 August 2017

[1] rapport d.d. 13 januari 2003 van Ir. P.C.A.M. de Bruyn van het N.F.I. (Nederlands Forensisch Instituut)