Afrin, the region of West Kurdistan, is being attacked by the fascist state of Turkey under the control of its ‘Caliph’ Recep Tayyib Erdogan and his criminal clique. But we Kurds are living with this pain day by day. The same fascist criminal organisation also attacked Sinjar, Mosul, Kirkuk, Kobanî and other Kurdish cities under the names of ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and Hashd al- Shaabi. These are all variants of destructive terrorist organisations.

In fact, there is no difference between Caliph Erdogan, Iran’s clerical regime, ISIS, or under any other terrorist organization. They are all slaves of a vile destructive ideology.

Kurdistan is the sacred land of the Kurdish nation, divided after World War I by the British and French in order to complete the carve-up of the Ottoman Empire. The British and French redrew the map of the Kurdish lands with the agreement of Skyes-Picot in 1916. Since then the Kurds have been suffering by virtue of simply being Kurdish. Maybe the British and French have lost their sense of what statehood represents. This is perhaps why they do not look in the mirror and realise their own responsibility for the fate of Kurdistan and the Kurdish nation.

Russia is very busy insulting NATO in order to exact revenge because of the way the Soviet Union came to an end and how Russia was treated by the NATO allies. Such conduct is not going to make Russia the leading power in the world or contribute to global stability. Russia should reconsider its policy to make a more constructive contribution.

For we Kurds, it is crucial to reach a full agreement with the state of Israel and the United State of America in order to establish the United States of Kurdistan. I urge the Kurdish politicians not to postpone this task, but to act now! If they do not act in unity, history, as well as the Kurdish nation, will never forgive them! They have to abandon their pathetic self centredness and search for a constructive agreement to ensure the establishment of the state of Kurdistan. This is their first and foremost responsibility and therefore they have to act now.

In addition, it appears that all the world powers are keeping silent on the destructive ISIS attack on Afrin supported by Turkey under the command of Caliph Erdogan. The United Nations is pretending to be deaf and dumb, it seems they are blind as well.

I call upon every honourable human being, and especially every Kurd, to stand up for the protection of Afrin and the Kurdish nation and not to leave the fate of Afrin at the mercy of Erdogan’s fascist ideology. This ideology is a real threat to all of civilisation and civilised states. Erdogan is worse than Hitler and Stalin.

I call upon every moral human being not to sit back and simply watch the future unfold in this way. It is long past time for us to act with a sense of responsibility and not to allow this repugnant, destructive ideology control and dominate civilization. Accordingly, I urge every decent and responsible human being to act now!

With all my respects,
Hüseyin Baybasin