To the so-called journalist Robert Bas


Robert Bas, you are a fake journalist. You published a fake story full of lies about me by the order of Bas van der Heuvel, who was acting for Mr. Aben as a fake expert in my case in the revision process. Mr. Aben was Attorney General of the Supreme Court of holland and he did use this fake expert Van der Heuvel for his cover-up work in my case. You published that fake story on NOS News and because of that, I took legal action against you before the Court of Utrecht. You were convicted to pay me ten thousand euros. Bas van der Heuvel had paid you to publish that fake story about me for Mr. Aben to point a finger at me and to say to the Dutch public: ‘Look! Look! Baybaşin is a bad man, so that is a good reason to keep him in prison’. This was the reason of Mr. Aben to arrange that publication about me via his fake expert Bas van der Heuvel. At the time of the Court process in Utrecht, I did not know about this information. But the judges in that Court were honest. Then, Mr. Aben’s, Bas van der Heuvel’s and your games turned against you.

Now, you have published a new fake story about me on your own social media account. According to your fake story, my ‘brother’ Faruk has been arrested with a large amount of drugs. Well, fake Journalist Robert Bas, for your information: I do not have a brother called Faruk. I also checked your story: there is no Faruk Baybaşin who has been arrested with a large amount of drugs of any drugs at all. But this kind of truth does not matter to you, does it Robert Bas? You will keep barking for anyone who will pay you. I do not know who pays you for this story and for what reason, but it is a good reason for me to react and make the picture clear to you and everyone else. You yourself, Bas van der Heuvel and Diederik Aben are sick-minded people in Holland and do everything to benefit from my suffering. Your kind of people are villains in civilised societies. I am sending you this letter to spit in your face, because that is what your level is. 

On a last note, I regret I have to make this statement to answer Robert Bas, the fake journalist, and to share with you good people in the Netherlands.